Spend your vacations in your favorite hotel - and use your advantages as a V.I.G. on site at the same time.

With your V.I.G.-Profile from you save time and effort by simplifying check-in at the hotel. And you collect valuable loyalty points with your V.I.G.-CARD every time you stay at one of our partner hotels.

Your advantages

  • Stay and benefit from our partner hotels in D.A.CH. and Europe, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.
  • Save time and effort when making reservations with your V.I.G.-Profile data, for example by using the pre-filled booking mask on our booking portal.
  • Use your V.I.G.-CARD for a quick and uncomplicated check-in at the hotel.
  • Collect loyalty points and/or bonus points at our hotel partners and also regional vacation regions.
  • Redeem your loyalty points for premium stays, overnight upgrades or simply a wonderful candlelight dinner.
  • Use your status as a V.I.G.-Guest and receive the preferred concierge services of our partner hotels.
  • Collect bonus points on site with our attractive partners. During your trip e.g. at the ski lift, restaurants and many other sigfhtseeing points in your vacation region.
  • Easily convert loyalty points into bonus points and pay with them in the souvenir store or restaurant (possible from winter season 2022/23).
  • Let your V.I.G.-Points account grow even faster by regularly participating in our attractive multiple points promotions or buying vouchers via